A downloadable asset pack

Readily available assets for your game or level with a school setting!

Multitude of items such as floor tiles, a chalkboard, tables, and chairs from different angles!

Tile sizes include: 32x32 for RPG Maker XP or Ace, 48x48 For RPG Maker MV, Unedited/bigger sizes of items are included in the pack as well!

You're free to use, modify, or edit any and all assets you wish after purchasing and be sure to give credit to us in your game (for example: Additional Assets made by Ghost Data Media™ or 16 bit school asset pack by GDM™)

You can buy the full pack here: https://ghostdataforgers.itch.io/16-bit-asset-pack-premium

Install instructions

All images are png files in a zip folder, just unload them and you can use them in any program you want!


16 bit School Asset Pack (Free).zip 71 kB

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