This was a small project made in response to the Area 51 raid. Think they have a chance? Not with the newest / most advanced weaponry the military has been working on!

'Escape' key - Returns to Main Menu
'P' Key - Pause and Unpause
'M' Key - Mutes all sounds
'N' Key - Unmutes all sounds
'Enter' Key - Skips countdown / Dialogue

Any additions wanted for the game please ask! Bugs may be present.

Update 1.2: 
Added new features - See new Key functions above.
Tweaked UI + adjusted screen size.
Fixed un-killable enemy glitch...hopefully.
Adjusted difficulty, game MIGHT still be easy for some.


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i like the idea and feel like you put a lot of work making a meme game lol

so here is some feedback:

  • PROS
  • good idea
  • good art
  • good replayability value
  • CONS
  • the turrets are over powered. you can win the whole game by only using them
  • mines are bad because they only kill one naruto runner
  • waifus are broken. well get to that later
  • and i dont know what the last thing did because it disappeared after placing it
  • waifu glitches D:

1. they can get stuck on them, and no one well die

2. they can just disappear after placing them

3. narutos can be stoped in the way for some reason


i also made a storm area 51 game if you want to check it out!

I've fixed most of those bugs (except the one unkillable Naruto character, That's a mystery as of now). Enemies are meant to stop in front of Waifus because they're distracted - hence why Waifus are decoys. To keep enemies from the door. But they're meant to be temporary so that they're not abused or game breaking.

As for turrets being OP I'm adding more enemies and a new type of enemy to shake things up. Expect an update in a few hours and thank you so much for playing!