AIE (Academy of Interactive Entertainment in Lafayette, Louisiana) held a Game Jam from 6 pm Friday, November 8th to 4 pm Sunday, November 11th. The theme? Signal Lost.

What happens when a team of 7 artists come together and have to make a game within a weekend? The result is a game about a couple trying to find their way out of a forest and finding themselves along the way.


Writers: Jackson Williams 
and Jessica Brown

CG Artists: 
Morgan McGrath
Mackenzie Box 
Evan Harris
and Selvyn Bell

UI Artist: Selvyn Bell

Programmer and UX Design: Tavian Bell

Music: Evan Harris

3 endings total are unlock-able.

Update 1.5: 

Minor bug fixes

Added/Changed minor cosmetic details

Added music that plays during the opening menu and all endings

Added Easter Egg

Update 2.0:

Major bug fixes and updates to script.


Signal Lost 46 MB

Development log

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