A downloadable game for Windows

Zetarus, a monster that lurks within a sealed cave is going to make you his next victim. Unless you can find the key to escape.

Use the arrow keys or WASD to move.

FAQ (Just in case):

- This game uses a custom made dungeon generator that spawns obstacles and Zetarus in random places everytime you play.

- You can find the key to escape in the most damp area of the cave.

- A remake of this game was made and is available for download now! Check out Lair of Zetarus DX here: https://ghostdataforgers.itch.io/lair-of-zetarus-dx?secret=ots6Q6caeO6Qfn0h9d8cS...

Install instructions

Just download and play the exe. Have fun!


Lair of Zetarus.exe 13 MB


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Pretty fun.


Thanks, I have a small update coming soon.